Friday, May 22, 2009

I got in, I got in I got in !!

Assss you may be able to tell from title of this entry I had my interview which was March not May, just a little group affair of about 30 people a presentation then a numeracy and literacy test (I am thinking of running this through spell check as I type LOL). We got to do some Q&A and nobody really challenged them i think they got a bit fed up of me to be honest but they did like my questions and enthusiasm... well they must have done because nearly 2 months later they offered me an unconditional place (I don't have to do any other courses or quals to get on).
Was dancing round the house for a week, which now, actually has furniture and a telly and all sorts of cool stuff thanks a LOT to my family. Kody has settled in well and he thinks its great as he is the "man" of the house bless his little cotton socks. Sent my acceptance off last week and have been invited to attend a 2 day taster session including full tour and mini lessons, I get to make and eat a packed lunch so like being at school really :0).
Have started growing my library of reference books, buying the Nursing Times every week I now have 28 books although most won't be any good until I hopefully get a place at uni but hey you never know and it never hurts to read ahead. Mostly reading anatomy and physiology books and doing workbooks at the moment (Ross and Wilson and associated colouring book), it's cool I get to find a new use for some of my crafting goodies. Also have a maths book called How to master nursing calculations which has errors in the book :0, and yes I do mean more than one... still your know your maths is improving when you can spot the mistakes right ??

Anyways enough rambling tonight I have blog hopping to do, cheers for the very kind words of support guys muchly appreciated *SINGS* "moving on up, moving on out nothing can stop us now xxx